Scar Off: the winners


Category: Dailies

Taking a staggering 58 percent of the vote, Justin Wells has won Hell For Leather’s first annual Scar Off. In second place is MCN’s Guy Procter and third is Andy Kraft.

Justin, who suffered horrific injuries and actually died twice and spent months in a coma after crashing while avoiding a deer will take home head-to-toe riding gear from Icon, including a Variant helmet, Overlord Prime jacket, Overlord gloves, Strongarm 2 Kevlar jeans and Super Duty 4 boots.

Guy, who was sorry-mate-I-didn’t-see-you’d by a retired hairdresser in an Audi TT wins an Icon Variant helmet, although he may change that to something more practical for his long convalescence.

Andy, who crashed on the dirt, losing a femur and gaining the longest scar ever, wins a pair of Overlord gloves.

Guys, we’ll be contacting you each individually to arrange things, check your Facebook messages in a few.

Thanks to everyone that participated, all of you need to be more careful next time.

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