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Photo: WWII in Color

Never has motorcycle safety looked so good. More US Marines were killed on motorcycles last year than in combat. Since the Corps invests millions of dollars in training each soldier and is currently facing recruitment difficulties and budget shortfalls, it considers this unacceptable. The solution is clearly to make Marines safer when they ride. One part of that is the recently implemented advanced motorcycle training courses, the other appears to an educational film: "Semper Ride."

The level of honest, intelligent discussion, exciting action, realistic
situations, production values and shear maturity evident in this
trailer is simply shocking. Traditional safety messages tend to be incredibly simplistic and outdated.

Learn on a dirt bike first? Always wear leathers on a sportsbike?
Sportsbikes aren't designed to be fully exploited on the road? Wow,
real advice for real riders.

The Marines are currently rolling this film out at bases across the US
in combination with a live stunt show, displays from motorcycle
manufacturers and safety gear makers. It's going to save lives.

Semper Ride via Bikes in the Fast Lane

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