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Because riding in a kilt is both drafty and dangerous, Shift is offering its Avenger jacket in plaid. We kid. Shift Racing is a spin-off of Fox charged with conquering the action sports market with both street and dirt gear. By adapting the visual language of a specific demographic's streetwear, it hopes to make real, protective, quality bike gear appealing to them.


The Avenger is a street jacket made from abrasion resistant Cordura, it
uses CE armor in the shoulders and elbows and has a zipper for
attaching the jacket to Shift trousers. In addition to the plaid, its
available in black, black pinstripe and the white pinstripe seen here.
While none of them are really to our taste, we do admire Shift's effort
to appeal to a market that often eschews safety in favor of wife
beaters and jeans.

Shift Racing

Shift Racing's gear is available on
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