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We've been following Shift with interest; it seems able to tap into the psyche of the young, urban sportsbike buyer in a way most other brands are too pretentious to try. Getting riders to wear actual, functional safety gear is an admirable achievement, especially among an audience traditionally averse to it. In addition to its popular jacket range, Shift offers leather race suits. This new Vertex suit brings both specification and looks equivalent to competition from the likes of Alpinestars.

1.2-1.4mm leather (doubled in impact areas) is used throughout, as is
CE-certified body armor. Stretch Kevlar panels are used inside major
joints, there's an aerodynamic back hump, heavy venting and a washable
liner too. Shift's trademark style is present, but here is refreshingly
toned down and classy, in keeping with the Vertex's premium price tag:


Shift's Vertex suits are available on

Shift Racing Vertex Suit

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