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In a shocking reversal of standard industry practice, Shift employs a woman to design all its motorcycle gear. For her latest women's collection, Sonia Lunardon, formerly of Alpinestars, brings together classy understated designs with unique functionality -- the cuts, designs and even armor are specific to the fairer sex.

Typically, women's motorcycle gear consists of tribal flowers and an
awful lot of pink. That's what girls like, right? Instead of men trying
to give women what they think they want, Sonia gives women what she
wants. That means function and safety equal to that of gear typically designed for
men in a shape that'll be complimenting and comfortable for its
audience. There's traditionally been a huge gap between clothing women actually want to wear and clothing that will protect them on a motorcycle. Shift if trying to narrow that gap.

Both the Envy textile and Viper leather jackets incorporate
female-specific armor in the shoulders and elbows and rugged,
articulated construction. The Envy makes room for a back protector.

The Empire leatherĀ  long-cuff leather and RPM short-cuff mixed material
gloves are designed to fit female hand shapes and sizes (available in
sizes 7 through 10) while providing plenty of safety. Both use hard
knuckle protection and reinforced palms.

I wore Shift dirt gear for Expedition: Moab and found it to have a high
quality to price ratio. In fact, Grant had to borrow my gear this week for a
feature he's putting together out in California; his Answer outers were
destroyed by the Moab trip, while mine look virtually brand new. Well,
they would if I had bothered to wash them.


This Shift Racing gear can be found on
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