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We really dig the elongated shape of the new Shoei RF-1100. The four vents/spoilers mounted on the rear give the profile a forward thrust that was absent from the boring old RF-1000. Called the Shoei XR-1100 in Europe, it goes on sale there in September; we're guessing that US sales will commence soon thereafter. That's only a guess however, as no one at Shoei will respond to our emails.

Those new vents, along with the rest of the helmet's shape, promise
better ventilation and aerodynamic stability than before, but that
isn't the only trick up the RF-1100's sleeve. Shoei invented the
original quick-change visor mechanism and is updating it for the
RF-1100. The mechanism now pushes the visor forward as it rotates up
and pulls it closed as it's shut. This is meant to ensure a better seal
and therefore reduced wind noise. The visor is also larger, increasing
peripheral vision.

Since the current RF-1000 is Shoei's second-tier helmet, sitting below
the GP-spec X-Eleven, we'd expect the RF-1100 to carry a similarly
affordable price -- starting at just $385 for plain colors.

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