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In 1994, 19-year-old Norifumi "Norick" Abe entered the Japanese Grand Prix as a wild card. His committed riding style saw him challenge for the lead until three laps from the finish, when he crashed spectacularly. Kenny Roberts was so impressed that he offered Norick a place on the factory Yamaha team; he finished sixth during his two further rides that season. A young Valentino Rossi was also impressed, adopting the professional nickname "Rossifumi" early in his career. On October 7, 2007 Norick was riding his Yamaha T-Max when a truck pulled an illegal U-turn, causing a collision; the impact killed him.

Now, Shoei is reissuing Norick's 1994 helmet design on its
range-topping X-Eleven helmet. The design appears to be an exact
replica, except the omission of the now politically incorrect Marlboro
logo. We're pleased to see Shoei honoring one of the most memorable
racers of the '90s, especially with the well-chosen '94 color scheme.
Its white base, vibrant colors and bold graphics appear completely
up-to-date, even 14 years later.

Shoei via Racing Café

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