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Trikes Grande Vitesse has announced that it will manufacture the Side-Bike Celtik and Zeus at its facility in Woodstock, New York. Sales should begin by next summer. Both trikes use car engines combined with space for multiple passengers and loads of luggage to create vehicles optimized for long-distance luxury touring.


TGV originally looked at importing the vehicles from France, but the
strong Euro and non-EPA certified engines made that financially
impossible. It's currently seeking an appropriate engine provider
(Mazda and Mitsubishi are on the shortlist) for a high-power,
high-economy 2.0-liter four-cylinder power plant. TGV also intends to
manufacture the two-inch diameter steel tube chassis and carbon fiber

While the Celtik looks like a traditional trike and
the Zeus looks like a sidecar, neither are what they seem. In the
Zeus's case, the engine is housed in the sidecar while the controls are
operated from the bike. Passengers sit in the sidecar two abreast,
while a third can sit behind the rider on the bike. The Celtik has room
for two passengers behind the rider, while a huge tubular luggage case
passes through the frame below them. Both vehicles are huge and should
offer a totally unique riding experience. We'll bring you more as the trikes near production.


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