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Sidi is replacing the range-topping Vertigo Corsa race boot with the all-new Vortice. Featuring more of the same technology that made the Vertigo so popular, the Vortice uses similar Tecno adjusters for a precise fit and a similar strap across the foot’s bridge to restrain forward movement and protect the toes from being crushed in a crash. There’s also a new shock absorbing heel cup which is capable of moving on its mounts slightly in a crash, further reducing forces to the heel, in addition to the usual assortment of safety features found on high-end race boots.


The Vortice comes in white, black, black/red and black/blue, while the
ventilated version comes in black or white only. As you’d expect, all
this Italian fanciness carries quite a premium, but the $475 price ($50
more than the Vertigo Corsa) is surprisingly high nonetheless. The
Vortice will be available in December, just in time for Christmas. And
yes, that is a hint.



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