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Take your average, everyday 50cc scooter: a practical but ultimately boring vehicle. Now bolt on a front ski and stick 300 screws in the rear tire: suddenly, it's scary, dangerous and fun. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Slidescooter.

The product of sheer Italian genius (which sadly doesn't extend do
video soundtracks), the Slidescooter was dreamt up by RiminiMoto,
otherwise purveyors of fine Honda Cub accessories. Their approach
really isn't more complicated than the above. The snowboard-like front
track uses a ski-like (we're going to go out on a limb and say that
these are actually real snowboards and skis cut down to fit) keel to
provide some directional stability. It's connected to the front forks by
a support that bolts in right where the axle would normally go.

There's six different front tracks on offer, designed to suit
individual tastes or performance needs. There's even an all-carbon
version for serious racers or an extra wide one for deep powder.

No modifications are made to the rear suspension or swingarm; it's
merely a case of fitting an appropriately screwed tire. The rest is up
to the operator and his or her ability to put that 3-5bhp to use.

So a simple conversion and probably one you don't need to pay
Slidescooter $650 for. Having said that, the result looks insanely fun.
Scooters are amongst the easiest vehicles to ride in the world; they
have CVT (read: automatic) transmissions, low centers of gravity and
very light weights. You can drop them, run them into things and
generally beat the crap out of them and they keep going. Which is good,
because that's exactly what you're going to do once you take one of
these onto the snow.

More sophisticated snow motorcycle conversions like the 2Moto or AD Boivin Explorer use fancy linkages up front to guarantee good corner
carving, while out back they use complicated systems capable of
mounting a drive track well forward on the machine for traction. The
Slidescooter uses none of these and is probably much less capable and
much more fun as a result. Who needs serious performance when you can
piss off skiers with such a beautifully simple device?

Like the remarkably similar Chrysler Snorunner, we'd question the
ability of the Slidescooter to traverse anything more difficult than
groomed snow. Still, we're dying to try one. I think I feel a winter
project coming on. Anyone have a Honda Ruckus they're bored of?

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