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Watching this new Allstate ad gives you a great idea just how many sparks your bitchin' Harley would throw if you dropped it off the back of a pickup truck while driving through a tunnel, but it doesn't really make us want to buy bike insurance.

The tagline, too, is confused. "Bikes don't feel road rash" is
transposed over a bike very clearly feeling the road slowly destroy it.

The above ad is a follow up to the below one, which is equally fun to
watch and equally lacking a clear message.

"Allstate Motorcycle Insurance protects your bike, protects you." What's
that got to do with special effects and consequence-free crashes? If
it's a crash where no one gets hurt, then why do you need insurance? If
crashes are just something you watch, then why do you need insurance?
What does Allstate's insurance offer that other insurance providers
don't? Slicker commercials?

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