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When we first told you about the Smoking Seagulls Singles, we were operating under a bit of disinformation. It turns out that the bikes were created by the Smoking Seagulls, a loose collective of oddball motorcycle aficionados of which Roland Sands is a part. While he created the CR500 streetfighter, the Honda XR was built by Thor Drake and the YZF was built by Drake McElroy. The three bikes were commissioned to be a part of the Architects of Inspiration exhibit that's currently traveling with the International Motorcycle Show.

Now that we have better, non-cell phone shots we're liking these three
bikes even more. Of particular note are the hand-drawn sharpie graphics
on Roland's CR, the classic lines of Thor's XR, and the combination of
brand-new high-end components with beaten, battered old stuff and
handmade leather features. All three are refreshingly rough and ready
to be ridden and crashed. We'd like to see that on more one-off bikes.

*One day, we'll manage to talk these guys into letting us take some decent pictures of these bikes or at least attempting to do so themselves, until then, these are the best shots we have.

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