Sons of Anarchy meets The Office


Category: Dailies

A new web series out of Belfast aims to provide a more realistic, more comedic take on the biker gang theme. The Clandestine tells the story of a couple of IT nerds and “one smoking hot chick” who set out to form their own outlaw motorcycle club. “We can take whatever we want, from whoever we want, whenever we want it,” catchlines the show’s protagonist, who then rides off into the rainy Irish evening in a bright orange leather suit. Here’s the first episode.

Provided you were able to understand the remarkably thick accents, you could probably tell that the show is a rather clever send up of modern biker culture. With themes like Pirates and Power Rangers and the impenetrable language of motorcycle specs, combined with the fonts, it’s easy to get the feeling that the show’s creators read HFL. That’s no bad thing, this is funny.

The Clandestine is currently raising funding on Kickstarter for more episodes.

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