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With 1-piece off-the-shelf suits starting at $365 and custom-fitted ones starting at $425, Spartan Leathers is aiming to undercut the prices of established brands without compromising on quality. This is possible because its suits are manufactured in Pakistan and distributed directly to customers. Cheap labor plus no middleman equals low prices.


Leather suit manufacturers in Pakistan are increasingly making it
possible for small European and US businesses to compete with larger
rivals on quality and price. All the expertise and know how needed to
construct a high-quality, safe suit comes from the Pakistani
manufacturer while the colors, specification, branding and marketing
are handled here. Since this means more safety for more people at a
lower price, we think it’s a good thing.

While we don’t envision people trading down from more expensive, more
fully featured products from brands like Alpinestars or Dainese,
Spartan’s products offer a price point people previously unable to
justify the cost of a full leather suit will be comfortable with. All
Spartan suits are manufactured from 1.4mm full-grain cowhide, use
double leather and triple stitching in impact areas and come with
CE-approved armor, YKK zips and a removable lining.

Spartan Leathers

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