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You’ve seen them on Shinya Nakano and Marco Melandri, now the range-topping Spidi XP7-R boot is available to buy. Headline features include the AGS2 ankle protecting inner boot, an external Velcro and wire fit adjuster and a motocross-esque rubber cuff designed to grip leathers securely.


If you’re thinking that the XP7-R looks a lot like the Alpinestars Supertech R, you’re not alone, but Spidi claims its AGS2 system brings
some significant new advances to race boot safety. The inner boot’s
vertical structure is connected to an equally strong horizontal one in
its sole. Velcro fasteners hold the ankle within this structure, which
is then capable of channeling compression energy away from it. The
inner boot also limits the degree to which the ankle can be flexed in
any direction and absorbs shocks. Impacts to the heel are also absorbed
thanks to the horizontal safety structure extending all the way back
through the sole. All that integration is, according to Spidi, what
makes the XP7-R unique.

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