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Imagine if you took the seat off a scooter, then road it like a snowboard. That's the concept behind the Standbike SuperBikeBoard, Hungary's latest contribution to the motorcycle world. With a 250cc Aprilia engine and an 87mph top speed, it should be just as dangerous as it looks.

At first what appears to be a simple cut-and-shut is actually a
carefully considered custom build. Rather than just lopping the seat
off an Aprilia scooter, the Standbike team created a custom tubular
aluminum frame, then fitted high-spec suspension, brakes, flat floor
and a higher handlebar to accommodate the standing position.

Standbike suggests you spend at least one month at the gym before
attempting to ride the SuperBikeBoard. You then ride it just like a
regular scooter, leaning left or right to shift your weight in corners.
That looks somewhat difficult, given the lack of a seat to hang on to.

Since the SuperBikeBoard is currently not road legal anywhere (we're
sure governments will come round once they see how practical this form
of transportation could be), Standbike hopes its invention will be used
on kart tracks and in parking lots, providing riders with a unique
challenge. Should they wish to take it onto the street, a detachable
seat is available, but we can't help but think it would kind of ruin
the point.

Standbike via The Scooter Scoop

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