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Photos: Horst Roesler and Frank Sander

If these three islands of creativity in the sea of chromed-out Harley-customs that is the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building are representative of a new trend, then steampunkish art deco is the new custom. 

Speed Shop Design: Beezerker


The BSA-based Beezerker is a hand made beauty looking like something from another time on another planet. Chris Flechtner's hand made, wacky beauty probably isn't good at anything else than being pointless, beautiful and putting a smile on your face. Who could ask for more?

Yuri Shif Custom: The Machine


A hub-steering, four-cylinder, supercharged, vintage BMW boxer-engined, 30's German race car inspired monster from Belarus is exactly what you would never expect to find at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis, which in itself makes it brilliant.

Mücechoppers: Simson


This Hungarian builder is a man of few words. Here's the description he has entered for his bike: "Pipes made of titanium, everything is hand fabricated by Müce". The bike is based on the East-German 1960 Simson AWO 425 S, but more importantly: Are these trousers more or less gay than Freddie Krugger's capri pants?

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