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Telling the story of a lone biker gang roaming some vaguely western scene and living by their own code of justice, “Untitled” by Connor Hair manages to tick off just about every biker stereotype box. Hell, it even ticks them off using a knife. Is this really who people think we are or is it who we think we are?

Update: the film's creators have responded.

Fellow subscribers of Hell for Leather Magazine, Allow me to explain. I can understand how this picture might be upsetting if received out of context. This was in no way meant to offend anybody how rides motorbikes. Rather, it was a campy effort (by those who do) to entertain the community all in good fun. A group of us in Seattle wanted to try our hand at shooting a western. This idea turned into a motorcycle flick because the resources were available (our own bikes). It’s nearly impossible to make a spaghetti western without casting stereotypes. I’ll go further to say that we have a new respect for the actors who have to play these characters. It’s not easy to execute and it’s even harder to see yourself trying but if any of you have an interest in filmmaking I’m going to suggest that you go ahead and try… you will have a blast as long as you don’t take it too seriously. — ToddB

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Lords the movie

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