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Dissatisfied with Ducati's lack of support during last season's mystery illness, Casey Stoner has reportedly accepted an offer to replace Dani Pedrosa at Repsol Honda for 2011. This obviously leaves an open seat at Ducati, which they've supposedly offered to Valentino Rossi.

The Ducati deal, which Rossi is said to have until Mugello on June 6 to
consider, is apparently tailored to the world champion's unique
personality. In other words, Rossi would have carte blanche at Ducati, the team would be his, he could bring Jerry Burgess and naked 12-year old boys would lie prone on the floor so Rossi's god-like feet wouldn't get cold. Rossi's contract with Yamaha runs out at the end of this
season and his chief ally at Yamaha, executive engineer Masao Furusawa,
is planning to retire at the same time.

Back in November, Rossi told BBC2, " Yamaha has to decide between me
and Jorge for 2011." Following that statement up with, "I have a great
option to join Ducati. I could change bike, ride for Ducati and try to
win the world championship with an Italian bike. That would be a great

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