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Zero Motorcycles founder Neal Saiki let slip a few details about the as-yet unreleased Zero S electric supermoto. The biggest news is the battery capacity: 3kWh, 50% more than the 2009 Zero X and the weight: 200lbs, 49 heavier than the X. The $9,950 Zero S goes on sale next month and, according to Neal has "no parts in common" with the X.

Neal was speaking to Gary, Paolo and me during yesterday's episode of Fox Car Report Live when he revealed the new details. You can watch Neal in this video or the rest of the episode here.

The street-legal $9,950 Zero S will be unveiled next month and will be a substantially larger motorcycle than the mountain bike-sized Zero X dirt bike. According to Neal, it has "no parts in common" with the X and represents "a huge step forward in refinement. Expect 0-60 to be in the four-second range and a top speed around 70mph, meaning it could be highway-legal. At 3kWh, the battery has a relatively huge capacity and uses it to the best possible effect. Neal says that Zero is able to get more power per weight and size out of its batteries than any other electric vehicle of any kind in the world. We're looking forward to finding out more details next month.

via Fox Car Report
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