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We’ve just removed a step from the subscription process, making it a little easier for you. Whereas before you had to be logged in or follow a link in an auto-generated email to associate your payment with your HFL username, now that’s all taken care of, along with the payment, seamlessly on a single page. Not a huge deal, like the ability for you to edit your comments, it’s just a part of our continual refinements.

If you’ve ever registered for a forum or any other online account, you know about following links in auto-generated emails and you know how eager your spam filter is to catch those emails even though it never seems to stop the “male enhancement” ads. As a potential failure point, eliminating it just makes subscribing a little slicker and a little more reliable.

How’s this affect you? Well, next time you top up your account, it’ll be a little quicker and easier. If you’re a new subscriber,  you’ll receive a password in an email from us that comes right away. Payments are still processed through PayPal, you just fill in all the info right here on HFL.

As always, just log in on the upper left. The “profile” link there can be used to change your password or the name that’s displayed when you comment.

This is a lot of explanation for something that's really simple.

Next on our “to do” list is adding a field to that profile box so you can change or add the website that’s linked to in your display name. But, for now, you can do that here.

Make sure you check out our FAQ, where many other subscription related questions are answered.

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