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When the $1 trillion dollar bad mortgage bailout goes tits up, Sarah Palin becomes President (after the mysterious massive heart failure suffered by John McCain on only his second day in office) and the wars in Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Georgia start going badly; all combining to turn the U.S. into a middling third world country, the Super Sherpa will be adopted by millions of Americans as the only form of transportation they can afford.>

Road-side repair stands will spring up, able to fix crash damage with
chicken wire, duct tape and the parts they stole off your bike last
week. Children will hawk half gasoline / half ditch water in 1-liter
Evian bottles. Entire six-person Sherpa mounted families, complete with
all their worldly possessions, will become a common sight.

We should all thank Kawasaki for having the foresight to bring the
Super Sherpa back Stateside in preparation for the coming economic
collapse. A basic, reliable, utilitarian bike that’s been around since the early '80s and is equally slow and
reliable on- and off-road, it’ll be just the thing for fleeing from the
bands of cannibals as they chase you and your son (who just might be Jesus) down the road. Anyone know where I
can buy a gun and several year’s worth of ammo?


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