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Conventional wisdom holds that ABC's Superbikers was the genesis of modern supermoto. But ABC had to get the idea somewhere; it turns out the Brush Barons Motorcycle Club beat them to it in 1970.

Held at the Carlsbad Raceway, the same track ABC would locate
Superbikers at a decade later, the Brush Barons M/C Carlsbad Motorcycle
Grand Prix used a mix of dirt trails and part of the paved circuit to
hold a race for dirt bikes.

We'll let Doug Klassen, a member of the Brush Barons, explain.

After the previous year's Elsinore Grand Prix some of my fellow club members thought that it would be possible and fun to host an Elsinore GP-style event at Carlsbad Raceway in Carlsbad, CA. Carlsbad was the home of the USA round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, also a well known 1/4 mile drag strip, and weekly motocross racing under the auspices of the CMC, an upstart sanctioning organization in those days. Someone in the Brush Barons had an in with the owner of Carlsbad Raceway so the details of using the facility were arranged. The only caveat was that we could not use the actual Carlsbad GP MX course as that was contracted to other people.

via Forty Years on Two Wheels

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