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Suzuki just sent over these exclusive shots of a concept it had knocked up by its R&D department to evaluate interest in a sports scooter based on the Burgman 400. On looks alone, our interest is already high.

Update: Check out the parts list after the jump, it details where each modification came from.


Over the standard Burgman (seen above), the Sport Concept receives GSX-R-inspired
paint, mirrors and exhaust; a different upper tail piece that houses
the brake light; a cut-down screen and front fender; wavy brakes and a
smoother seat. All of the above combine to great effect, turning an
ugly duckling into a handsome, appealing, mature take on the custom
maxi-scooter theme.


The paint is possibly the most successful part of the scooter. It's
obviously been applied by someone with a real understanding of and
appreciation for the Burgman's lines. Note the way solid colors are
combined to individual panels instead of randomly chosen lines; the
piano black cockpit panels that accentuate the external shape and the
GSX-R style "B" for Burgman.


If Suzuki can combine these looks with pulley ratios altered for
greater acceleration, stickier tires and firmer suspension, we couldn't
think of a scooter we'd rather ride. The sport concept was shown to an
enthusiastic audience at the company's dealer show in Las Vegas. Should
both dealers and consumers express a great enough interest, we think it
stands a chance at production.

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