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Suzuki has just announced a further investment in Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell development, taking the Japanese company one step closer to an actual product powered by hydrogen.

The relationship bore fruit last year in the form of Suzuki’s Crosscage concept bike, which was shown in Tokyo. Commenting on the deal, Intelligent Energy’s Director of Development Phil Caldwell said, “This is an important next step for our collaboration with Suzuki as we move from a very successful concept toward a range of commercially viable fuel cell motorcycles.”>

We had the chance to ride Intelligent Energy’s original fuel cellpowered concept, the ENV. It was easy to use, well-designed and emitted
only a thin stream of water vapor, even while traveling up to 45mph.
It would make an ideal inner-city commuter bike. That was nearly three
years ago.

We can only hope that Suzuki’s investment marks more than a Green on the Outside marketing strategy and will result in an actual product
that we can buy. We’ll keep you updated.

Intelligent Energy

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