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“What happens when you combine a Graves WORKS Project / 2012 Yamaha R1 / purpose-built stunt bike, a three-time XDL stunt champion, fast cars, hot girls, elite helicopter tours, an awesome race track and film the entire event through Tyler Kirk Films? Pure and sic drift insanity and the most advanced drift bike ever built,” reads the official blurb. To that we’d add phrases like “Tight, yo!” and “Sick, brah!” and “Bro, ho! Think of this as The 661’s answer to Ernie and Nick.

Despite the crimes against taste and fashion evidenced in this video, the bike's actually pretty neat. When it's not pounding cans of Monster Energy and crashing jet skis, Graves Motorsports fields Josh Hayes on an R1 and Josh Herrin on an R6 in AMA something something racing. And it's brought that racing know how to building the bike you see here.

"The bike is the epitome of badass," says Bill Dixon, the rider in this video. It's essentially a superbike-spec racer complete with built motor, suspension and whatnot that's had its TC settings altered to allow huge amounts of sideways drift, in relative safety. The Dunlop Road Smart tires, far less grippy than race counterparts, help there too. The less grip a tire has, the easier it is to maintain a slide on.

For those that like lists, here's the complete specs:
2012 Yamaha R1
Graves Motorsports Superbike Engine
Graves Motorsports WORKS Suspension
Graves Motorsports WORKS Suspension Link
Graves Motorsports Low Mount Full Exhaust System
Graves Motorsports Modified R1 / R6 Tail Section
Yamaha YEC Kit ECU
Dunlop Road Smart Tires
Dynojet PC5, Secondary Fuel Module, Quick Shifter, Auto Tuner
Custom Fuel Cell
Hand Fabricated Carbon Tank Bodywork Cover
Multiple Fuel Mapping options
Thumb Throttle
Braking Rotors
Rear Hand Brake
Thrust Company 55 Tooth Sprocket
Hel Brake Lines
RUNMAN INC All In One Triple Clamp
RSC Clutch Lever
Htmoto Traction Seat and Tank Cover
No Limit Edition GPR Stabilizer
Taylor Made Carbon Fiber Stunt Tank

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