Thanks Craigslist: 30-Inch Road King


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Sometimes, late at night, I think about my life and ask myself questions like “have I lived up to my potential” and “why did I think a cup of coffee at 9pm was a good idea”. Then I get serious for a minute and contemplate something a little more meaningful like “Why don’t I own a bike which looks like a dog dragging it’s butt across the carpet”.

I guess in a way there’s a kind of fatalistic sense of self fulfilling prophecy when you take a motorcycle known for it’s poor handling and impracticality and strip it of any pretense or road-worthiness.

Front brake? I didn’t have one on my childhood Huffy, and I certainly can’t see why you’d think anything has changed.

The ability to turn? What do I look like, one of those rice rocket biker boyz?

This Harley-Davidson Road King exists for that special kind of man who has outgrown his Airfix models and now needs a real, life-sized toy to paint and admire. The kind of bad ass who spends hours polishing his symbol of non-conformity.

I’m not saying this is a bike for poseurs, just don’t forget the enclosed trailer and white gloves, you wouldn’t want to chip the paint on your new Faberge Harley. Especially if you decided to shell out $38,000.

Check out the full listing here

What Craigslist gems have you come across? 

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