10 Best Motorcycles For Carrying A Passenger


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Suzuki Hayabusa
Does your passenger want to go fast? The ‘Busa is one of the fastest motorcycles ever made, but also includes a huge passenger seat and, for a sport bike, reasonably low pegs. The smooth, torquey motor masks the bike’s outright pace, making smooth progress effortless. Comfortable and controllable for the rider too.

Honda NC700X
Are you a relatively inexperienced rider? You’ll struggle to find any bike that’s easier to rider than Honda’s jack of all trades. Same’s true with a passenger on board and they’ll find a comfy seat along with big grab handles too.

Suzuki V-Strom 650
Wes once carried a 6’5” Frenchman across LA through rush hour traffic on the back of one of these and swears it’s the most confident motorcycle he’s ever ridden with any passenger aboard. Excellent rider control, smooth performance and wonderful ABS brakes are a huge help.

Moto Guzzi Norge
Want to carry a passenger without sacrificing fun? This humble looking Moto Guzzi remains an absolute blast to ride even with someone on the back. A torque, air-cooled twin adds some welcome classic motorcycle character while some of the most intuitive handling out there helps keek your pace up, even while loaded down. The stock panniers are huge and detach easily, allowing you to bring your luggage straight into your hotel room.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC
Smooth motor, excellent handling and a great view from the tall rider seat combines with a surprisingly spacious, completely flat passenger seat and huge grab handles.

Honda CBR250R
The little Honda that could barely loses a single MPH from its top speed with a passenger aboard. Thank a torque, friendly motor for that. If you’d like to carry someone along on your first bike, this is the best motorcycle to do so with. Passenger accommodation is even spacious and comfy.

Triumph Bonneville
Girls love hopping on the back of a classic motorcycle. Make sure you pick the base Bonneville for its raised rear seat, superior suspension and lighter wheels. There probably isn’t a more appealing bike out there to inexperienced passengers.

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