The Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Under $300


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You don't need to spend big bucks to get a motorcycle helmet that will be safe, comfortable and stylish. Here's our favorite lids — some of the best available at any price — under $300.

Full Face Helmets

AGV Skyline - $299.95

The Skyline is AGV's new attempt to bring some of the features from the GP-Tech down into a more price friendly model. The shell is carbon and fiberglass (or carbonglass as they call it), making the helmet fairly lightweight. The internal sun visor is a nice touch at this price point, as is the Dry-Lex interior. We're a big fan of the shape of the front of this helmet and think it's one of the nicer looking "budget" helmets available. AGV have a specific fit, so make sure you try this helmet on before ordering. Like other AGVs, the Skyline meets the light, safe ECE 22.05 safety standard, the same standard used by all MotoGP racers.

Bell Vortex Flack Helmet - $179.95

We're big fans of Bell helmets, and the Vortex is an incredible deal. With the inclusion of the Velocity Flow Ventilation and FlowAdjust systems, as well as a fully removeable liner, lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell, contour cheek pads, padded wind collar, and anti-fog shield; this helmet packs in a ton of features straight from the Bell Star at a sub $200 price. Bell also has some of the best graphics available right now, if you're into that sort of thing, and the flack graphic scheme looks better than those offered on many $600 helmets.

ICON Alliance Dark - $150

We covered this helmet recently as it was released only a few weeks ago. A helmet we love, at a cheaper price, with an extra dark visor included. What else do I need to say?

ICON Airmada Stack Hi Viz - $260

Wes wrote an awesome review of this helmet. You should read it. I think it's probably the most comfortable helmet on this list, and when I'm in the mood to be seen, this is by far my favorite looking of the bunch. Like all other Icon helmets, the Alliance meets the light, safe, superior ECE 22.05 safety standard.

Scorpion EXO 1100 - $289.95

My first helmet was a Scorpion Exo 750 and I've always been a big fan of the brand. The Exo-1100 is the newest model in the lineup and is absolutely packed full of features. ECE and Dot certified, a fiberglass/kevlar outer shell, and their patented AirFit put this helmet up there with the best of them while their everclear fog free face shield and KwickWickII lining are really nice bonuses. I've recommended this helmet to plenty of people and will continue to as long as they keep making awesome products at such incredible prices.

HJC FG-17 Force Helmet - $179.99

I had never really considered HJC helmets until Wes got (and loved) his RPHA Max Modular helmet. The FG-17 looks amazing and we've had a few guys we know get them and really be happy with them. As one of the cheaper helmets on this list, it's definitely something I would be looking at along with the Alliance should you have just spent your life savings on a motorcycle and forgotten you'll need to buy gear. $180 for a nice looking helmet that meets DOT an SNELL standards is incredible, let alone one with a lot of the features found in much nicer helmets.

Modular Helmets

Bell Revolver EVO Warp - $199.95

The level of finish on Bell helmets blows my mind. I usually only like all black helmets, but a part of me secretly loves the graphics on all of Bell's new lineup. To pair those looks with Bell quality and fit, and then include flip up fanciness for under $200 just seems crazy. I think most modular helmets look pretty dorky, but this thing looks so cool. If it wears anything like the rest of Bell's line, it's an absolute steal.

Shoei Multitec - $299.69

That's right. A Shoei for under $300 (just barely). This is the same modular the police wear (I think you can even order it in the black/white color scheme on Revzilla if you really want to be that guy). This thing packs all of the features you would expect from something wearing the Shoei brand.

HJC SyMax 3 Hi-Viz - $278.99

This helmet is the step down from the RPHA Max Modular Wes went down in. It has a ton of the same features and offers the same great and quiet fit as it's big brother. It also comes in a nice Hi-Viz for those of you who feel the need to wear such things.

Scorpion Exo-900 Transformer - $269.95

As with the regular full face helmets in their line, the Exo 900 packs a ton of feautres normally found on much nicer helmets into its $270 price point. It also comes with a cool little beak you can attach should you want it to do a little more ADV type duty.

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