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A lot of you have expressed interest in the unfaired version of the Motus MST-01 that popped up in the background of the first live photos and in videos from Daytona Bike Week. Well, we just got off the phone with Motus’s Lee Conn, who gave us the lowdown. Turns out they’d brought along the naked model just to show off what’s hiding under the fairing, but feedback’s been so positive they’re considering making it.

The thing to remember about this new Motus is that it’s still in prototype phase. Having just unveiled that prototype on March 3, the company now plans a year of on-road validation testing, touring around the country to drum up interest in the process. Things like a price and dyno charts are still a work in progress. While the company and its products are still gestating, decisions like a making a naked version can still be made.

Two versions of the sport tourer have always been on the cards. The MST-01 is the “base” version, while the Motus MST-R brings Ohlins suspension and radial Brembos. Both use the same steel tube frame and 1,654cc V4 putting out 161bhp and 122lb/ft of torque. The difference between the 01 and the R is sort of like the difference between an RSV4 R and Factory; same bike, fancier components.

The Motus MST-01.

Lee tells us that the black bike you see here does happen to be an MST-R, but the intention never was to create a naked version of that bike, merely show off the radiator, engine and frame sans fairing. Now, due to positive feedback from you guys and in-person at Daytona this weekend, they’re beginning to like the sound of making a naked version. If they do, it’ll obviously look a lot like this bike, but Lee suggests the final product would get cleaned-up cosmetics, a different headlight treatment (ie non-KTM) and some sort of fly screen.

We happen to be fans of the naked version too. The two strongest visual features on the Motus are its steel tube frame and across-the-frame V4 and ditching the somewhat bland fairing shows them off much better. As the original intention was to create a sport tourer, this will obviously reduce the bike’s utility, creating a big (550lbs wet), brawny muscle bike in the process. But since when were motorcycles about rational decision making? Somehow, a muscle bike just seems like a more fitting home for an engine based on a Corvette’s V8 anyways. Would you ride a naked Motus?

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