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This is the Agility Saietta, a new electric motorcycle unveiled today in London. Its makers claim it’s, “the future of urban motorcycling.” If it is, we’re switching to cars.

Not a huge amount of specs yet, but you can clearly see a steel tube frame and girder fork along with the ubiquitous air-cooled Agni95 motor. In the Zero DS, that motor is good for 26bhp and 98lb/ft of torque. Agility does quote a range — 50 miles for the £9,975 Saietta S and 100 miles for the £13,975 Saietta R which presumably accounts for its cost with a larger battery pack.


Here’s the full press release on the Saietta, it’s packed full of words like “social media,” "paradigm" and “sustainability.” Notably absent are the two words that really matter here — Brammo Empulse.

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