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Photos: Jorg Mitter/Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Photofiles

Seperating the Peloponnesian Peninsula from the rest of Greece, the Corinth canal was carved out of sedimentary rock in an active seismic area in the early 1890s. At only 69 feet wide, it's now too narrow for commercial sea traffic and hardly challenges Robbie Maddison's 350-foot world record for the longest motorcycle jump, but it's walls are 263 feet high, meaning this jump does give the Australian the record for the tallest jump. Maddison actually reached at height of 312 feet above the water to achieve that record.

The CR500 hit the ramp at 78mph in order to clear the 280-foot gap
between the two ramps, but described dealing with the changing surfaces
-- grass to concrete to wood to asphalt to carpet -- as the biggest
challenge. We're guessing he didn't look down.

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