The new Hypermotard in CAD


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These CAD renderings from the new Ducati Hypermotard's design stage provide a tangible insight into the clever solutions and compact packaging that make the bike slimmer, sleeker and lighter than the one it replaces. Let's see what they tell us.

Not so much a dyno chart as this is crank horsepower, but the curves at least give you an idea on delivery. The new 821cc motor makes 110bhp at 9,250rpm and 65.8lb/ft at 7,750rpm. To put that in perspective, a typical 600 like, say, a Yamaha R6, makes more power at 122bhp, but significantly less torque, at 48lb/ft. This'll be a punchy motor.

The tank is long and low, housing much of the fuel under your crotch. That helps keep the bike slim and the center of gravity centralized while still retaining a useful 4.2 gallon capacity. That's 1.2 gallons more than the 1100.

Unlike the air-cooled Monster range, the Hyper goes for a full steel-trellis frame (no cast aluminum swingarm pivot plate), fitting that with a die-cast aluminum, single-sided swingarm and a plastic (!) subframe.

As you can see, the new Hypermotard strikes a simpler, sleeker profile. At 1,500mm, the new bike's wheelbase is actually 50mm longer than the 1100's, but sitting on the bike it feels much smaller and much slimmer.

Loads more images in the gallery, anything stand out to you?

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