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In 1989, Upper Deck began producing baseball cards. They were the innovators that brought us high quality card stock, tamper proof foil packaging and most importantly, holographic logos. By 1992, Topps was selling cards that had the player's name and team stamped in a banner gold foil. Soon enough, the entire card became holographic and you could collect sets of them from such upscale establishments as Denny's. Shortly thereafter, nobody cared about baseball cards and they (mostly) went away. Could holographic tank badges be a sign of the end of $20,000 toy motorcycles?

Maybe. The 2012 Star Raider SCL is the first (and hopefully only) Star Custom Line bike. What does that mean? Like a holographic 1990's baseball card, it is produced in limited quantities (500), differs from the base model only in shiny appearance, is more expensive ($5,400 more than the base model) and most importantly, has a numbered holographic tank badge.

Is this the future of the Raider SCL? 8 in stock on, $2.95 and zero likes?

Think about what you could spend $19,990 on. For that money, you could have just about any new motorcycle short of an exotic Italian (MV, RSV4 Factory APRC, Bimota), or a super-tourer. Or 2 SV650s, tires, spares and a cheap truck. Or a V-max for $100 less. Or you could buy an underpowered, overweight toy with expensive paint, chrome rims, "genuine two-tone leather" seat and a holographic tank badge.

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