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Held annually at the Sturgis assless leather chap enthusiast convention, or AssCon as fanboys like to call it, the AMD World Championship is to self conscious hillbilly art what Daytona Bike Week is to leather-skinned middle-aged strippers: Mecca. Just don’t call it that, they might think you’re a terrorist. But, mocking a reprehensible cultural appendix so it hopefully goes away aside, this year’s contest actually produced some neat bikes. Here’s the winners.

The contest includes three categories (we’ll ignore production, because it’s pointless): Freestyle, for one-off prototype bikes; Modified Harley-Davidson, for, well, modified Harleys; and Performance Custom, for commie terrorist crotch rocket rice burners.

1st Place Freestyle: Tavax 2011V

A ground-up custom based around an S v-twin, this is largely a bodywork art bike with an interesting girder/leading link/springer fork.

2nd Place Freestyle: Lamb Engineering Son of a Gun

Using a BSA Goldstar engine, all parts on this bike were sourced from friends and eBay. The builder says, “The design ideas are probably a cross between 60s racing Hondas, FSIE Yamahas and British motorcycle heritage.” The build took over 1,400 hours, but the monetary investment was less than $9,000.

3rd Place Freestyle: Krause Motor Co. Bolide

A street tracker equipped with an S Shovelhead motor.

4th Place Freestyle: V-Twin Mechanic SpaceSter

This 1987 Sportster 1200 has been transformed into a Buck Rogers-style futuristic cruiser. Behind the metal bodywork is a custom tube frame, so there’s no radical monocoque or anything going on here, but check out the handmade perimeter brake discs that’re clamped by scooter calipers hidden behind the forks.

5th Place Freestyle: RK Concepts RK S

Based on an XB12, RK incorporated the fuel and oil tanks into the frame in true Buell style. Check out the solid gloss, single-sided wheels and the foldaway seat.

6th Place Freestyle: Garage65 Stargate

A frameless design that uses girder forks and incorporates the “seat” into the front subframe, bolting the swingarm to the engine case. Is that the carb for the rear cylinder sitting in the debris path for the rear wheel?

7th Place Freestyle: SE Service Slugger

Probably the most functional bike in the contest, Sweden’s Stellan Egeland envisioned this HP2-based bike as the practical alternative to his Harrier. He says, “The intercooler for the turbo is located where the tank usally sits. The oval aluminum tubing on the top is the pressure pipe from the turbo to the intercooler, and the carbon fibre scoop is there to direct the air though the IC. Plugs for all the carbon fibre parts have been handmade from aluminum sheetmetal. The seat and cuts also serve as a fueltank and is also handmade, as is the frame and most of the parts on the bike. It is my daily rider and I have ridden it on the racetrack and it works great. It has over 150 nm of torque on the rearwheel from 4500-8500rpm, with a peak of 210nm at 5700rpm. Peak power on rearwheel is 202 hp.”

We’re guessing this is all the way down in 7th because the potbellied judges felt emasculated by three-digit power figures.

8th Place Freestyle: Moscow Harley-Davidson Skywalker’s Caddy

A fairly basic Harley drag bike with some silly bodywork and neat wheels. Since it’s Russian, we’ll go ahead and assume at least one component on it is either made from or covered in whale penis leather.

9th Place Freestyle: John Reed Gold Yamaha

A 1980 Yamaha TR1 that was handbuilt in 1981 and cleaned up for show this year.

10th Place Freestyle: Roquechop Design Minautore

Now this is more like it. A Harley Panhead with a monoshock frame and girder forks. This actually looks like it’d not just be rideable, but, gasp, fun to ride too. We’d describe the style as “functional bobber.”

1st Place Modified: AbnormalCycles Union

If you’re going to enter a contest that’s mostly about bolting crazy bodywork to a Harley motor, then you might as well add a sidecar so you can fit more art deco bodywork, right?

2nd Place Modified: Iacona Challenger

I wonder if Steve Iacona realizes that Roland Sands builds function into his bikes as well as looks. Neat-looking girder though.

3rd Place Modified: Shaw Harley-Davidson Nascafe Racer

The concept here is “NASCAR meets cafe racer” which apparently means drag bike geometry with a bikini fairing. We’ll assume it can’t even turn left.

1st Place Performance Custom: AFT Customs Sentoh

A bored-out Honda CB with a stretched tube frame, an R1 front end and silly exhaust cans. Tragic streetfighter meets non-functional cafe racer.

2nd Place Performance Custom: Fuller Hot Rods Rodan

A 1969 Honda CB750 bored to 836cc and given a basic cafe treatment. Sadly, while being ridden to Sturgis, the Rodan was rear ended by a truck, irrecoverably bending the tail unit into a silly angle, ruining any chance this bike had of being rideable.

3rd Place Performance Custom: RK Concepts Spring Frame

Wow, so much going on here. A Yamaha 450 motor housed in a frame that also serves as a leaf spring for the rear suspension while the front is by a leaf-sprung girder. That seat folds away and the gas tank is a bizarre beehive-style contraption. Zany, wild, wonderful. We'll find out more.

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