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Only sexy panties mind you. Shovelhead, as his forehead tattoo denotes, says he was quite picky about the 58 pairs of women’s unmentionables he used in his artwork. “I don’t want them cheap, dollar store, not-sexy-farm-girl panties,” the artist explains. “I want classy.”

Photos: Danny Henley

So where did a Harley rider, professional landscaper and odd job man from Missouri with a forehead tattoo obtain so many panties? “Most all of them donated,” says Shovelhead. He asked the women who’s yards and houses he works on to contribute to the artwork. “There was a few of them that raised their eyebrows and said, ‘You ain’t getting’ my panties.’”

Shovelhead, who’s been sober and drug free for 12 years, stitches the panties himself in his mom’s basement and says each pair holds sentimental value. The quilt took him an entire winter of full time labor.

“I just love beautiful women,” says Shovelhead (above) of his motivation. “I’d marry ‘em all if I could.”


Thanks for the tip, Tracy.

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