Despite winning 15 TT races over the last 12 years and becoming as much of a household name as any Isle of Man racer can expect to be, John McGuinness has never had his own replica helmet. Now, this replica of the Morecambe Missile’s Shoei X-Spirit II is going on sale in the UK.

The X-Spirit II is the lighter, safer, ECE 22.05 version of the heavier, harder Shoei X-Twelve that’s passed off as the brand’s range-topping helmet here in the land of Snell helmet standards. The McGuinness replica won’t be offered for sale on Snell versions of the helmet.

We dig the McG helmet not just because we’re big fans of John’s, but because it’s brown/black/white colors are positively adult next to the day glo stars, moons and tribal graphics of most other race replicas. Even though you’d still be dressing up like your favorite superhero if you bought one, observers would see less of a man-child and more of someone wearing a nice looking helmet.

via Footshifted

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