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Photos: Todd Selby

Nike's hired Todd "The" Selby to apply his famous-people-in-their-homes thing to its 6.0-sponsored athletes including Supercross champ James "Bubba" Stewart. James lives on a 500-acre ranch in Florida where he can practice on his own motocross track year round. He also collects cars like an NBA player and has a thing for frou frou little dogs. Added together these images and the video that's below add up to a surprisingly realistic portrait of a superstar, especially considering this is a corporate project. It'd be easy to think that Todd's secretly laughing at his subjects, but maybe he's just revealing them for what they are: real people. James has only been with Nike for a year, but he's already got his very own motocross boot, the Nike AIRMX 6.0, and is working on his very own sweatshop-made shoe.

Todd Selby and Nike 6.0 via Death Spray Custom

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