TomTom Rider: GPS for bikers


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TomTom has announced a new version of the Rider GPS system for motorcyclists. With this new model, they took feedback from the motorcyclist community and added a lot of new features. Hell, it'll even find you good roads.

The Rider features a 4.3-inch touchscreen that is glove-friendly and is engineered to operate in any weather conditions including rain or bright sunlight. Directions can be given to the rider through Bluetooth allowing the motorcyclist to focus on the road. It also comes with a new charging bike dock that will turn on and off with the motorcycle.

Some of the TomTom Rider's key features are: Winding Road, Free Lifetime Maps, Map Share, Points of Interest, IQ routes. Winding Roads is route feature that selects the most turns to your destination for a more fun ride. With the purchase of the TomTom Rider the owner gets free maps for the life of the product up to four or more updates per year. Rider users can share maps over bluetooth and from the TomTom Map Share community which is updated daily. The Rider is available with Points of Interest which has restaurants, hotels and gas stations. IQ routes is an interesting feature that uses real travel times from millions of users and provides realistic arrival times and routes.

Accessories such as an anti-theft device, charging bike dock and car mounting kit will be available for the Rider. The new TomTom Rider will be available soon and costs $299.

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