7 Lightest Motorcycle Helmets Available


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There are a ton of factors that influence how well a helmet wears. Shape, aerodynamics, scoops, tribal fairy dragons, and spoilers all make a huge difference, but one of the biggest factors is weight. Here are seven of the lightest motorcycle helmets available.

Disclaimer: Helmet weight is probably the least regulated figure to ever grace a spec sheet. Different scales, liners, and versions of helmets are used and it’s really hard to compare any two figures evenly (nearly impossible when you add a third). That said, the following numbers are straight from the manufacturer. We then added any interpretation we felt needed clarification. Each of the following helmets is among the lightest in its class and therefore is a great place to start your shopping.

Why do you want a light helmet? Well, your head sits at the very end of your body, so any movement your body experiences is exaggerated by the time it gets all the way up there. If your hips move two inches, your head will have to move considerably more. It doesn’t, you say? Well, that’s because your neck muscles just stopped it from doing so. Starting to see the benefits for exertion and fatigue? Multiply every little correction, every effort made to hold your head steady, every look over your shoulder, every turn of your head across an entire day of riding or a full race and weight does really add up to something you don’t want in a motorcycle helmet. Is it worth paying the premium to get a lighter helmet? Well, that’s up to you.


Airoh Aviator 2.1 Carbon – “Weight: from 890 grams” (Most likely sized in XS. Factor an increase of 50-100 grams for size L.)
• Type: Off-Road
• Shell: 3 sizes - Carbon and Kevlar Composite
• Vents: 2 Upper/3 Lower Front, 2 Extractors Rear
• Liner: Microfiber - Removable/Washable
• Certification: DOT / ECE 22.05
• Price: $593.99


NEXX XR1R Carbon – “1200 grams” (Size undisclosed)
• Type: Full-Face - Road
• Shell: 2 Sizes – Carbon
• Vents: 2 Inlets, 4 Outlets
• Liner: Coolmax fabric is anti-sweat and anti-allergenic, removable, and washable.
• Certification: DOT / ECE 22.05 / NBR-7471:2001
• Price: $599


LAZER MX8 Carbon Tech – “1280 grams for size large”
• Type: Off-Road
• Shell: 2 Sizes – Carbon Fiber
• Vents: 14 Vents, Double Rear Extractor
• Liner: Coolmax interior is hydrophilic and antimicrobial, removable, and washable.
• Certification: DOT
• Price: $429


AGV Pista GP – “1420 grams for the medium/small”
• Type: Full-Face - Race
• Shell: 4 Sizes – Carbon Fiber
• Vents: 3 Upper/2 Lower, 2 Extractors Rear
• Liner: Breathable Lycra and Dry-Comfort fabric featuring Coolmax. All fabrics are hygienically treated, removable, and washable.
• Certification: DOT / ECE 22.05
• Price: $1,399.95


AGV AX-8 EVO – “1340 grams for size medium”
• Type: Off-Road
• Shell: 3 Sizes – Carbon, Kevlar, and Fiberglass
• Vents: 3 Front, 2 Extractors Rear
• Liner: Dry-Lex with sanitized treatment, is both removable and washable.
• Certification: DOT / ECE 22.05
• Price: $369.95

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