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It might seem like an odd choice to base a scrambler on the BMW F800R roadster rather than the lighter, already dirt-capable BMW F800GS, but the Touratech BMW F800scrambleR should captilize on the R's chain drive and shorter gearing to offer a punchy street scrambler with more than a modicum of off-road ability.

Update: we've added three new images to the gallery above.

Due to be officially unveiled this weekend in Garmisch, we don't know
much about the bike other than that all of the parts you can see on it
are intended to reach production and will eventually be offered on
Touratech's website. They've been designed by Bart van den Bogaard, the
same guy who built the Aprilia RXV Dakar racer, which explains why they
look cool and indicates that they should work as promised.


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