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Yes, that's right, Travis Pastrana has jumped a motocross bike off a ramp while riding on water. Using a stock bike, stock tires and no flotation device, Pastrana launched himself off a ramp moored 110 feet from shore by riding across 5-foot deep water at 70mph. He's calling it the Hydrojump.



Speaking just after he pulled himself from the water, Pastrana said,
"This is one of the most dangerous jumps I have ever made. If I had
failed to get into the lake at the proper speed I could have ended up
hitting the ramp really hard."

There wasn’t an awful lot of science involved, just a gas-and-go approach, knowing that at a high enough speed the bike could
hydroplane long enough to reach the ramp. After that, it was simply a
case of keeping the bike pointed at the four-foot wide ramp and
crossing his fingers.

The stunt was filmed at a water-filled volcanic crater in Costa Rico in
less-than-ideal conditions; choppy waves making the hydroplaning
difficult to control.

The Hydrojump will appear on the Nitro Circus 6 DVD in November.


Travis Pastrana

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