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Want to ride the same Triumph as Garry McCoy? It’ll cost you. €3,500 (plus the cost of the bike) to be exact. But we’re not sure the upgrades merit the price. What you do get is revised fork internals, a re-valved and re-sprung shock, a full Termignoni system, a Power Commander and a few more basic add-ons.


The Daytona 675 already has one of the best chassis in the segment and
arguably the best engine. But with $5,500, we think we could do a bit
better than the Triumph-SC McCoy replica Daytona 675 at making both better. We’d keep the Power
Commander ($320) to make the most of what the engine has to offer while
fitting Triumph’s official Arrow exhaust can ($800) to lighten things
up so far from the center of gravity. We’ll budget $50 to lower the
gear ratios, even though the bike doesn’t need it. We’d then blow most
of the remainder on a set of Marchesini forged aluminum wheels
($2,000). A set of Galfer wavy front discs would eat up about $630
while a set of braided hoses and upgraded brake pads would add $150.
That’d leave us with $1,550 to have the suspension comprehensively
reworked front and rear by an expert. The result? A bike capable of
running rings around the McCoy replica, at least without Garry on-board
that is.


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