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The Trumph Sprint GT is a more practical, refined take on the 1050cc ST first released five years ago. The GT was first spied in March. Power is up 5bhp to 130bhp at 9,200rpm; torque is up by the same amount to 80lb/ft at 6,300rpm; there's standard 31-liter panniers and an optional top box with a 12v power supply; ABS is standard; the 43mm forks get revised internals and the shock a remote preload adjuster; but most importantly, the headlights have been restyled to look less like a Fisher-Price toy and the underseat exhaust has been dropped in favor of a single right-side item so there's now underseat storage room. That sounds like an overall improvement to a great, but somewhat flawed bike. Let's hope the headlights are brighter and the revised forks improve front end feel, that's really all the old bike was lacking. Video below.

Triumph via MCN

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