Triumph Tiger 800 spied on petrol station forecourt


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Sure, we’ve already seen a full shot of the Triumph Tiger 800 XC, but this spy photo gives us a better, close up look at the non-XC’s rear. Note how humungous that pillion seat is and how the grab rails are also impossibly large. This should be an excellent bike for taking passengers, especially if you clip a top box to that expansive rear rack.

You can easily tell this is the non-XC Triumph Tiger 800 by the lack of a protruding front mudguard, the 19-inch front wheel and the tubeless tires.

With all this passenger/luggage room and that huge exposed subframe, this looks like it’s going to be an extraordinarily practical motorcycle. Add the upright riding position, flat bars, big fairing and mid-size engine to the non-knobbly tires and what we’re looking at is probably going to be an extraordinary sports tourer and practical commuter bike more than it is the traditional idea of a big, heavy adventure tourer. Off-road duties will, of course, be handled by the XC and its 21-inch front wheel and tubed tires.

via BMW Sport Touring

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