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A three-minute promo for Tr2n, the sequel to Tron was shown last night at Comic Con. According to Ain’t It Cool News, the footage was completed purely as a promo and wasn’t from the actual film, which has yet to enter production. Present, however, were the three main facets of the original; computer graphics, Jeff Bridges (playing two character this time) and light cycles. It’s that last thing that we’re most interested in, Syd Mead’s original light cycles remain the inspiration for countless concept bikes to this day. Click through for a synopsis.

Update: A really, really bad bootleg copy of the promo follows the jump.

From the MTV Movies Blog:

- The Disney logo appears and quickly seems to get digitized.
- We pan over ominous clouds into a digital city landscape only to find a man in a updated “Tron” costume. He’s on the run.
- The man jumps into a brand new 2008 version of the familiar light cycle.
- And a huge chase ensues with a pursuer in a dark mask after our racer. Unlike cycle races of old this one goes up and down AND side to side.
- The chased man is vanquished, crashing horrible. As the pursuer gets off his cycle he pulls a familiar disc from his back. The winner looks up to a previously unseen observer.
- And the observer is…Jeff Bridges! An older (and now evil) Flynn?!? He rises from a meditative state in his watchtower to see the pursuer do his bidding.
- The vanquished man pleads to his pursuer. “It’s just a game!” And then the final big reveal: the pursuer takes off his helmet and he is also Bridges, a seemingly younger Bridges!

We’re as excited about this as Jay Maynard.

via MTV Movies Blog and Ain't It Cool News

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