Try on a motorcycle before you buy it


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Sort of the two wheeled equivalent of those paper dolls you...err, your sister, could mix and match outfits on, a new website offers a simple tool for calculating and comparing motorcycle fit. For example, the silhouette in this photo represents my 6’ 2” frame and 34” inseam on a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere. Looks like I should have no problem reaching the ground and my torso will be just forward of completely upright.

Cycle-Ergo works by comparing the stock measurements of a fairly extensive range of new bikes, employing a simple animation to visual the differences. The clever thing here is using a customizable rider silhouette that you can adapt to your own dimensions, making this much more useful than the typical spacial relationship triangles as it allows you to visualize your relationship with the bike.

My biggest ergonomic issue with the RSV4 is that the foot pegs are too damn high. Looking at how I fit on that bike next to the new Tuono, I can see that I’d only gain a more upright seating position thanks to the flat bars, but the angle of my legs would remain the same, meaning the naked bike won’t offer me much ergonomic advantage over the faired. Damn.

It’s the neatest thing I found on the Internet all weekend.


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