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The full results from today's first TTXGP Mountain Course laps have come in and they're...underwhelming. It doesn't appear that all the teams ran, made it a full lap or even got out of whatever the EV equivalent of first gear is. It's probably not fair to compare these times to John McGuinness's new outright lap record of 130.442mph or even the 600cc Supersport record of 125.161mph, especially since this is all the bikes' first outing on the actual track.  Still we hope to see some considerably more impressive times come Friday's race.

Update: according to Mission president Edward West, both MotoCzysz and eROCKIT failed to complete the qualifying lap. They'll have another chance today to qualify for the race. A video follows the jump.

1) Rob Barber (AGNI) 26m41.39   84.819mph  (Sulby 102Mph)

2) Dan Kneen (ManTTX) 32m01.81  70.677mph

3) Chris Petty (Barefoot Motors) 33m35.09   67.405mph

4) Thomas Montano (Mission)  33m45.98   67.043mph

5) Thomas Schoenfelder (XXL)  34m07.44    66.341mph

6) Roy Richardson (Brammo) 35m47.76   63.242mph

7) Mark Buckley (Brammo) 35m52.11  63.114mph

8) Chris Heath (ElectroMotorSports) 36m26.47   62.122mph

9) George Spence (Kingston) 40m44.77   55.559mph

10) Paul Dobbs (HTBlauva)  41m53.00  54.050mph


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