Tucson just released this sketch of the BT550 Superleggera, its 100kg 550cc Aprilia v-twin-based sportsbike. Now in its fourth week, the project is developing rapidly. The French company has yet to take delivery of the engine, but is working closely with Aprilia to ensure that the chainline will work with 125GP-size wheels and an aftermarket slipper clutch, as well as determining the engine’s position for ideal weight distribution. Aprilia is also equipping the engine with a custom crankshaft for maximum power.

In addition to the Strawber solid carbon fiber wheels, Tucson has decided to use 37mm 125GP-spec remote reservoir forks and a Paoli shock. The final position for the radiator, underseat fuel tank and exhaust will be determined once the engine reaches the firm’s Nantes HQ.

We like the way the BT550’s minimalist, angular styling is developing. If the engine-to-bike size ratio is accurate in the sketch, this thing is going to be seriously small.


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