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Design students at England’s Birmingham City University temporarily put down their torches and pick axes and picked up a whole pile of Triumph Bonneville T100 parts, turning them into a variety of furniture and household accessories for a class project. Spokes became baskets, headlamps became regular lamps, seat covers became doggie blankets and a grip/brake lever/master cylinder became a corkscrew.

The projects are relatively simple and essentially involve interpreting the visual language of bike components into something more artistic or more static, but the real point here is the fetishization of those components. Most of these products are still instantly recognizable as coming from a motorcycle.

This corkscrew was the winning design, reconfiguring the brake lever and master cylinder to drive the screw inside the handlebar grip. We get the feeling Triumph fans would queue up to to find a way to safely combine drinking and riding.

This headlamp-cum-lamp is simplicity itself, but drives home how nicely-shaped the Bonnie’s headlight is.

This lamp, made from the T100’s front fender, is the kind of thing we could see ourselves having on our desks. Only those in the know would recognize it as a bike part.

These scales sort of sum up the project, adapting Triumph’s design language into a functional, aesthetically pleasing device that reeks of motorcycle.

There’s a bunch more in the gallery below.

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